Meet Ashley



 I'm Ashley!

I use exclamation marks because life is exciting! People say I smile a lot - life is happier that way. I photograph my food because it looked and tasted good. I'm a mother of 4 wild things. I could eat them up I love them so. It feels like life is going a 100 mile an hour and each day is an adventure. I don't know how to slow down sometimes. But that's why Mr. Seare is my man and knows just how to rein me in so I can recharge. He's my best friend!

I LOVE watching my kids explore the world around them and I'm honored they let me tag along with my camera. Children have the most beautiful imaginations and being around them helps me to remember to use mine!

Life isn't perfect, but it's still pretty fantastic. I'm addicted to learning and trying new things. I run for fun because I can't believe my body can make it past a mile! It's also fun to explore the world and experience it with each changing season.

My fear is failing as a wife or mother. My family is my life and I love them more than one could ever know. They will always come first.



I believe strongly that everyone can create! Creativity isn't limited to the talents we perceive we have or don't have. It comes in many shapes and forms.

Picasso said it best, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

I found that Photography is another extension of creativity for me. I not only offer my photographic skills, but also graphic design skills. You can think of me as a one stop design shop. I use photography on an everyday basis to capture the world around me and for others.  I love to set up, create and capture those fun moments, glances and quirks that make our lives unique and express character. The great outdoors of Idaho is my back yard and ever changing studio. I LOVE shooting in natural light and light painting at night! My family is my greatest joy and everything I live for. I hope you enjoy your visit here and I look forward to working with you!

So new friend, what shall we create today?